Current Office Bearers

Right Worshipful Master :- Brother John R MacKenzie PM

Immediate Past Master :- Brother Douglas S Robertson PM

Depute Master :- Brother Robbie Mutch

Substitute Master :- Brother James Dowie PM

Worshipful Senior Warden :- Brother Neil M Ferguson Jnr.

Worshipful Junior Warden :- Brother Andrew Pyke PM

Secretary :-    

Treasurer :- Brother Alistair Macleod PM

Almoner :- Brother Hugh Mutch PM

Director of Ceremonies :- Brother Alistair J Stewart

Chaplain :- Brother John Evans

Senior Deacon :- Brother Steven G Fraser

Junior Deacon :- Brother Garrick McPherson

Architect :- Brother Ivor Forsyth

Jeweller :- Brother David Wymes

Bible Bearer :- Brother Kenneth G Duncan

Standard Bearer :- Brother Stirling McKellar

Organist :- Brother Stewart Robertson PM

Piper :- Vacant

Inner Guard :- Brother Alasdair I MacGillivray PM

President of Stewards :- Brother Alistair J McIntosh

1st Steward :- Brother Ben McIntosh

Tyler :- Brother John S Wood